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Originally Posted by Iride01 View Post
Depends on what you want I suppose. The more upright you are the more weight that will be supported by your butt. Leaning your body forward, your arms share some of that to give your butt some relief.

If all you do are short rides, then it might not be an issue. However for longer rides you might get into that dreaded delimma of "which saddle should I get?" And the correct answer might not be a new saddle, but to adjust your position to lean forward.

However if you are leaning too much or just want to sit upright till some later date, then raise your bars or shorten your reach to them by getting a shorter stem, or change to a different type bar that shortens your reach.
How would I move my handlebars up more? So I need a longer stem? Can you link me parts? I could always check my LBS for a different bar. THank you
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