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Bianchi Frame/Fork ID|Italian Steel Vintage Bikes

I've got two Italian Steel/Columbus Tubing Vintage Frame/Fork sets I need some help with. I've got a good idea as to the Bianchi - which is nothing short of awesome! The other one, I can't find anything even on Google - which means I'm either in possession of something even more magnificent than the Bianchi - or nada....Would love to hear what Ya'll have to say about it...

- Bianchi info -

This is what the Bottom of the BB looks like - but the right handsome all the letters are rotated 90 degrees so they run from bottom to top when read correctly..the 5 in between the 57 and 56 is partially stamped out - meaning it looks like an attempt at hiding the frames real origin. Nice right - keep reading!


57. 8

5 C

56 0



Frame is Celeste with Eduardo Bianchi inside Emblem on Front/Head Tube - Pantographed I believe

Frame has no welds - or lugs - and says Columbus Tubing

Fork dropouts are chromed and have Shimano stamped on them.

Front and Rear Derailleur have internal cable routing

Rear Brake Mount/Bridge has Bianchi in script on the top side - and has Silva on the other side.

Sticker on Chain stay that says " Reparto Corse" and something else I can't remember right now...

I think this is an X4...I'm kind of new to the game - but - that's pretty rare/awesome right?

Second Frame is Red, Lugged - but also says Columbus Tubing on it. Brand name is Digimuenno - the guy I bought all this stuff from - yeah theres way more than these two frames - spoke more about this frame than he did the Bianchi or Merlin frames that were there. He mentioned that it may have been from an old school Italian Bike Shop that made the frame to kind of thumb their noses at Bianchi and other big brands saying yeah we can Make frames too...and it turned out to be a better frame than even they expected...

Couple other things in the haul were Chorus hoods, Record groups that I still have the brakes, Pedals, and other odds and ends from

Old school Mavic groupo in its entirety I believe I'm told is super rare

Bianchi frame pump

Bianchi and Forte Stems and some track pedals

Cross branded Mavic/Look Clipless Pedal thats yellow and black and huge!!!

Mavic Tubular wheel set an old school guy told me used to be called the Blues

Campy tubular hoops

There's more I just don't remember right now.

I wish I was a collector, but I'm not...so yes, it's all up for grabs here in San Diego...

I can't post photos now - but feel free to Email me at ecoactivetours@gmail.com and I can send you some if needed for ID.
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