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Originally Posted by juvela View Post

Inspection tip -

Note that fork is red whilst frame silver.

This tells us fork a replacement.

Whenever fork has been replaced it is wise to carefully examine balance of machine for any impact damage.

I missed your post b/c I was driving and picking up the bike at the time.
I did noticed it once I got there. Heres an odd story: the forks not a replacement, but the frame is. So, the seller tells this story: he cracked the seat tube 2 yrs into owning the bike. He went back to the shop; shop owner says there is a warranty. The owner of the bike returns the frame only to the shop. (I guess he kept the fork at home) So, he returns to the shop some time later and the replacement frame is silver not red like the original. For some reason, the bike owner accepts the silver frame and returns home and pairs it with the red original fork. So, thats the story I got. Who knows if its true, but there is absolutely no evidence the bike was ever damaged; original front wheel and hub. No damage to down tube or top tube.
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