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Originally Posted by ironnerd View Post
I have always been astonished by the human capacity to whine and complain about anything and everything.
Please do write that book. I'll go ride my bike and be happy.
I ride bikes as well, but I also work in a bike shop and spend much of my life around bikes. When you get to that level you will find the flaws in different brands and components and things like that. I don't whine and complain about anything and everything but I can provide facts and figures in this situation. There are plenty of brands I rather like and plenty of components I love and use frequently. One can be happy, quite happy in fact and also dislike things, humans have the capacity for multiple emotions throughout life. Whodathunkit!

The book thing was more of a joke, I don't have time to write a book and if I did it would probably be poetry or some short stories or something more on the creative writing side. That is more my passion.
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