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Originally Posted by veganbikes View Post
The problem is I do know better and so do you. Your bike is not French and your components are not Japanese and lying to someone and saying they are is just wrong. Buy a cheap bike, ride a cheap bike whatever just don't try and claim your bike is something that it is not. That was my main problem here. Honesty is a good policy.

Working on and flying planes is awesome. However imagine someone tells you their low cost plane is something it is not and has parts from somewhere that doesn't produce those parts which were produced in a place that has lower quality standards and they were really proud of those fake facts designed to be dishonest, you would likely take issue with that.

Also I wouldn't say buy a carbon bike, steel is real, ti is fly, wood is good and the rest don't rhyme well.

I am happy to help you find solutions to any problems. I already provided one, is to just be honest. Sure not everyone loves honesty because sometimes the truth can sting a little but the truth is what it is, my friend.

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