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Bike weight impacting speeds

Sooo (another thread ).

I haven't started to race yet but I am upgrading my bike from a Domane ALR4 to a Emonda SL6 Disc Pro. The bike I currently ride is 22lbs (Domane) the Emonda I am getting is 17.32lbs.

Why I am interested is because I am almost in the range for being a possible "lead pack or break away" finisher for the D riders in the ECCC (College cycling "league" in USA Cycling). Their averages for roughly 20-40 mile road races are around 23-24mph. Right now in group rides I can average 22mph every week we ride on my Domane.......

So I know speed conversions based on weight are super broad and determined by a lot of factors. The bikes are basically the same when it comes to how aero they are (not very) even though the Aeolus Pro 3 wheels on Emonda may be slightllyyyy more aero.

So lets say we put both bikes (Domane and Emonda) on a straight away for 20 miles completely flat and no head/tail wind. How much faster is the Emonda compared to the Domane in this situation.. Basically I am just trying to find out if just changing to the Emonda is enough to get me to 23/24ish mph average simply because it's less weight.
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