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Originally Posted by Flatballer View Post
A few things first:

It's not about the bike.
Especially not in collegiate D.
You're probably not being held back by your current bike, despite not being the lightest bike in the pack.

That being said, this calculator is relatively okay for stuff like this. Bike Calculator The calculations I get show an increase of about 4 hundredths of a mph. So....

On the flats, weight isn't gonna change things basically at all. Weight really, really only matters on climbs. Aero is everything on the flats and on low gradient climbs. Spend the money on bike fit, power meters, head units, gas money to races, pizza, kits, literally anything but a new bike, honestly, when you already have a newer, nice bike.
I mean I weigh 115lbs so I am built for a climber and I want to race in more distance road races with climbs and I want a bike that will give me the advantage. Anyways I can get the Emonda new for over 50% off and I won’t have that chance forever.
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