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You keep asking the same question in different ways, and clearly want/think you need a new bike. You keep getting the same answer though. And until you start doing climbing races, and realize you want to keep doing them and have an aptitude for them (it's more than being skinny), you're best served hanging on to your cash. Don't buy anything. Accumulate. If you get there then you can buy something worth climbing uphill. I'm speaking as a guy who transitioned from crits and RRs to only doing hill climbs. You can spend a lot of money in this sport on good ideas only to realize you don't like the particular discipline, you're not really good at it, it hurts your body, that new girlfriend sure cuts into training time, those 2nd year classes sure are hard, that frat looks like fun...

I had TT bike that sure seemed like a good idea, a deep discount, and the answer to a bunch of problems. I rode it a handful of times, and then took a bath selling it.

Your 17 pound bike will go up mount washington faster than your 22 pound bike (assuming you're as comfortable on both bikes). Are you doing mount washington?

The time savings drop from there.

Buy a bike when you need a bike. You don't need a bike. Beyond that do what you want. But you keep getting the same answer.
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