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@DomaneS5 - SEXY bike!!!!

I'm still stretching my legs. After 20 miles, riding starts to become work. I may be able to do 30 with a riding partner, but that's a super-solid maybe.
In the interest of my continuing review of this "Cheap Bike" I'll post about some of the longerish rides and significant findings.

I rode 21 miles today. My last 20 was on the basically flat Silver Comet, but this ride had actual hills!

Started in town, road a bunch of MUPs to the River. From there I rode on actual gravel, some dirt single-tracks, pavement (of course), and even wood. I was pleasantly surprised by the bike's ability to climb steep sections covered in exposed roots. I was expecting a lot of slipping, but even with my tires at 60 psi, it was a non-issue. I even found a new, semi-secluded MUP along a larger creek (Rottenwood Creek) that feeds into the Chatahoochee

Climbing all the hills started to get old though. I ended up climbing out of the valley twice ( says my total climb was about 1,800 ft). The second time I decided to have a snack and some water about half way - 5 min break that made a huge difference.

I did see the value of having blevers though. I figure that will be my first actual upgrade. What I really need is a combination Brake Lever, Shifter, and Bell.

It also sounded like the entire front of my bike was going to come apart - turned out to be my loose-fitting waterbottle and the bell working together to make some truly nasty sounds.

Pics here -> LINK

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