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A gp5000 is down to 10w a tire. So 20w total. The fastest fat bike tire on BRR is 25w each at a pretty high PSI. So 50w total.

So, 30w alone on CRR.

30w is a LOT at tempo or slower as a %. I'd assume most people cruise from 120 to 200w. So you'd be down 15 to 25% on power to the ground just on tires.

Assuming a more average fatbike tire of 35w per tire per're down 50w versus a road bike on gp5000's. Whoa.

So, forget fast. It's fun. You can traverse the world. Snowstorm? Go ride. Mudslide? Go ride. Tree across the trail? Bomb on.

Explore cut throughs or something to mix up your road distance on your rides. Cut over curbs/stairs or something on the way. Cross some crazy berm.
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