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Originally Posted by Murray Missile View Post
Snapped this cement mixer drum while on a ride a couple years ago.

Is it cheating if I already knew it was there? It's been there since about 1963, the truck it came from was headed to a job site in the country, he turned onto a gravel road from the highway at a blind intersection and ran right into a Township road grader. It twisted his truck like a pretzel and the loaded drum rolled into the deep ditch, he had to be cut out of the cab but survived. Over the years the ditch filled in and at one point only a very small patch of the drum about a foot square was visible. Several years ago they widened the highway and cut back the banks along the gravel road to improve visibility and opened the ditches back up which unburied the drum. It's only about 50 feet off a main highway but very few people now even know it's there much less the story behind it.

I was in grade school when this happened, the cement truck driver's daughter was in my class in school and they lived 2 blocks up the street from us. The Ready Mix he drove for was the same distance in the other direction from us. The body shop/towing company that pulled the remains of the truck in was between our house and the Ready Mix and another friend's Dad owned the body shop and was driving the tow truck. Yet another friend's Dad was the Chief of our volunteer fire dept. and helped cut him out. Ahhh, life in a REALLY small town.........
Why was the hole cut on the drum though?
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