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@TXBDan... When you quote him, I can see what he says...
Again... there is always "That Guy". This one does not get tongue-in-cheek humor, I guess. So far on this forum I've found about 1,000 cats who like bikes, and one guy who's had to go on my ignore list. By 2019 standards, that really impressive.

@BookFinder, Thank-you! I'll try to keep posting my findings. I just broke the 200 mile mark on it, and nothing fell off yet - except for the mirror, but that does not count since it was scavenged from my previous bike.

I really did like taking it down the dirt paths through the woods. It was surprisingly smooth. Those drop bars make precise steering a bit of a challenge sometimes, but they fit through some narrow gaps (it's all a trade-off, I guess). Traction on all surfaces was good, and braking positive. Made for a good day on a bike.
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