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You will get lots of advice and better advice as I don't commute to work on a bike, but I can tell you some things. First, there are folks who regularly ride 100 milers on single-speed and/or fixed gear bikes. Remember, bicycles only had one speed for many years.

The default recommendation seems to be the Kilo TT and I agree it is a great bike for the money. You can find one in your price range. It is a good place to start and the frame is worthy of upgrading parts as you wear them out or choose to improve performance and comfort.

The first thing to do though is to figure out what size frame fits you. That is tricky with some models and the Kilo TT is an example. I ride a 58cm road bike, but in a Kilo TT, I believe the recommendation is to order a 53cm. That is a big difference.

So know that sizing differs and you need to learn what fits you. Best way is to find someone locally where you can ride and decide what works for you.

Don't know where you live but there is also the possibility that you might find a nice used bike on Craigslist. I have found one that way. I use it as a backup but it is very nice in its own right.

So good luck, hope you get some answers here.
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