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Originally Posted by MikeyMK View Post
Cyclists need to be removed from the road and then ''actively cross a side road'' as a pedestrian would
I don't have a figure for block size specific to that part of Brooklyn but in Manhattan there is a side street every 80 meters. Acting like a pedestrian is indeed safer, but defeats much of the potential benefit of being on a bike.

Limited separation from vehicle lanes can be good for everyday cyclists but substantial displacement from the vehicle lanes reduced mutual awareness of hook turn possibilities. Dedicated light cycles don't really work timing wise, in the few places they do exist cyclists complain about being ticketed for proceeding straight during the vehicle turn cycle.

Minimally interacting paths are of course great, but a bit like truck routes they don't go everywhere, to ride for utility rather than recreation purposes there still ends up having to be often lengthy distance along the everyday conflict-laden street grid.

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