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Photo taken from The Mynarski Lancaster Nose Art, accessed 5 July 2019, photographer not credited in the article.

Cheating a little: Not my photo, but the plane is correct, just the date (1989) and location (Calgary) aren't. Out on my regular ride on 1 July (on a C&V Tommasini) I heard the unmistakable note of Merlin aero-engines far over my right shoulder. It was this Lancaster bomber, out over Lake Ontario on its way home to the air museum at Hamilton Airport after an appearance in Toronto for Canada Day and too far away to photograph with my old flip-phone. It is a familiar sight and sound during the flying season here but I had never happened to have been on my bike before when it rumbled into view. One of only two flying specimens in the world, it is a composite of two individual aircraft, both built in Canada during the war. (As with the P-51 Mustang, the Packard Motor Company built the Merlin engines for Canadian Lancasters under license from Rolls-Royce, enabling the bombers to fly to England from the factory outside Toronto.) The midsection from a derelict combat veteran aircraft found in a farmer's field was grafted in to repair damage sustained during a landing accident in 1952. (The RCAF was by then desperate to convert every surplus Lanc they could find into anti-submarine aircraft with the discovery that the USSR Was Not Our Friend.) The repaired aircraft remained in RCAF maritime service out of Greenwood, Nova Scotia, until obsolescence overtook the fleet.

Restored to flying status again by the civilian museum, she is painted to commemorate V-RA "V-for-Vera", a Lancaster shot down over France in which a gunner, Andrew Mynarksi, was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously. I won't do him the disrespect of trying to precis his story here. 60% of aircrew who took off on operations with RAF Bomber Command didn't come back.

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