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Had a close call yesterday

Yesterday afternoon I did my first significant road ride of the year, along a number of rural roads. I came close to being taken out by a driver who wasn't paying attention. So you know, I was wearing a bright yellow jersey and had a flashing tail light. There is no bike lane. There is a solid white line with about 8" of pavement to the right of it. A guy comes out of a driveway on the opposite side of the road from me and turns left on the country road, just after I pass the driveway where he is emerging from. I look over to see that, suddenly, there is a car within a foot of me and the distance is closing as they go by me. I was lucky. I had no chance to react, other than to say in my mind, "Hmmm...I almost got injured or killed just now." I wasn't traumatized by the near miss, as apparently I just didn't have enough time for my brain to attach an emotional response to the incident (I guess?) Anyway, just a year and a-half ago, a local dentist in our area was killed while cycling on a country road by a drug-intoxicated driver. That driver was sentenced earlier this year to 12 years in prison.

Be safe out there, folks.
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