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I guess I need more tools...

So today I took a wheel set in to a LBS where I've had work done before, though it was never my primary hub (pun intended). The latter has switched ownership several times lately and is not open on Sundays - since I'm currently working six days per week I had no alternative.

I needed the rear wheel trued, the freewheel removed and replaced with another one, and both hubs overhauled.

I was told the labor for truing one wheel and replacing the freewheel would be $45, and that overhauling both hubs would be $45 each. This sounded ridiculous, and since I already have experience overhauling hubs I told them to scratch that part and that I'd do it myself.

Because I'm still lacking a proper truing stand and experience with that work, and don't have the tool for freewheel removal and tightening, I told them to get that done. So I'll be out $45 and will have to wait two weeks to pick up the rear wheel, which won't even have the new freewheel reattached yet (since I need it off when I overhaul the hub).

I'm slightly disgusted... Mind you all, this is the same shop where the owner (who I was chatting with while his employee did up my work order) took a Campy Record hub set and a pair of NOS rims out of my hands and completely built up a wheel set for me, with a total overhaul and polishing work on all of the parts, for just $200 about a year ago.

It seems like $45 must be the minimum amount you can spend on labor at the place, or else I'm lost!

Indeed, it's time for some more tools...

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