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Originally Posted by sdn40 View Post
Right, wrong or indifferent, when I see those rates I always think to myself, "are you gonna fix my car / bike or defend me in a capital murder case ?"
I always feel a little bit better when they charge $8 / ft for brake cable housing.....oh wait...never mind.
Yeah, in most of the shops I walk into they probably have to charge something like that, honestly, because half of the employees are always walking around with nothing to do and they take turns actually getting things done. Great for overhead.

I'll actually be returning to pick up the wheel next week, I've decided, and will wait until I have the tools to get the job done myself. I only took the stuff in because I'm currently working 60+ hours per week at the day job and felt that I don't have the time, but $45 for a quick wheel truing and unscrewing a freewheel... Ridiculous.

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