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Labor Costs

Originally Posted by conspiratemus1 View Post old joke: Guy goes to the dentist with a toothache. Dentist tells him he needs it pulled, quotes him his fee. Patient: "What?!, that much money for like 20 seconds of work?" Dentist: "Well, sir, if you like I can pull it really really really slow-ow-ow-owly."
Labor: $50.00/Hour
If You Watch: $100.00/Hour
If You Help: $150.00/Hour

I've seen signs similar to this one in a lot of auto repair shops:

$50.00 for xxx repair: 3 minutes to do the work, the rest is having the skills, knowledge and tools to do the job.

For under $25 you can buy all the tools you need to remove the freewheel, overhaul the hubs and true the wheels if you use the frame and brake pads for a truing stand.

The first Google search came up with this assortment of wheel truing stands:

A wheel dishing tool is handy too.

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