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Good Tools

Originally Posted by merziac View Post
I have said this before and I am going to repeat it here.

As a lifelong mechanic including professionally for 25 years FoMoCo and ASE Senior Master technician, 30 years drag racing motorcycles and working on bicycles since very early on.

I have always bought the best tools I can, in the right hands they can do the best job, cheap tools in the best hands can do a poor job regardless. While they can be adequate, they can also mangle perfectly good parts and cause more damage than they should.

I realize they can be expensive, so is repairing damage caused by cheap poor quality tools.

Don't skimp, good tools are well worth the cost, and the savings.
@merziac F-O-R-D = Figure On Repairs Daily...

I was in the first group of people to be ASE certified back in 1972. Worked for a VW then a Porsche dealer.

I've been a tool freak for a long time. Good tools are a lifetime investment.

Recently I was looking over my inventory of personal belongings for my home owner's insurance. I spent over $7200 on Snap-on tools back in 1972-73. They may be worth a fortune on eBay???

I sold off all of my air tools and big stuff like 3/4" and 1" drive sockets when I got into working on bikes 1973 and never looked back.

I also have several thousand in bike specific tools that I've acquired over the years including a fairly complete set of VAR tools in a case.

I left the bike business in 1979 but I still use and appreciate the tools that I own. There's nothing like the looks and feel of a Snap-on wrench.

Cheap tools = skinned knuckles!


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