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Originally Posted by BobbyG View Post
Been there, done that. Airzound Airhorn FTW.
What if that driver had the stereo cranked? What if that driver had earbuds in? What if ... what if that driver was/is deaf? Do you want to put everything on the driver when its your precious six on the line? I don't. But what makes you think that driver didn't see you? Chances are the driver isn't also blind. I don't see any movement of that vehicle to indicate that they weren't aware of your presence. What I would do (and do) in this exact situation and ... seriously ... this happens nearly daily in any neighborhood of urban or suburban density ... what I do is swing around the rear of the car wide enough so they can't hit me even if they try. I'm pretty sure they aren't trying. It's important to give the driver some credit for basic humanity otherwise this doesn't work. A driver backing up HAS to be looking backwards, even if they don't see you right away, they will. Stack the deck in favor of their seeing you before they hit you by swinging wide. Or stop and wait? What a concept! No need to wake up or annoy their neighbors, frighten (or annoy) them ... just swing wide behind them and continue on your way. It really isn't their fault that they happen to be pulling out of their driveway just as you arrived. And as the person who saw them before they saw you it is actually on YOU to take some defensive action. Not every state just hands over a drivers insurance company if they hit you. Some states are actually going to proportion out responsibility. You may find yourself 40% or even 50% at fault in a crash. Then what?
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