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Originally Posted by 79pmooney View Post
Cat Daddy, where were you riding prior to this happening? You say the white line was ~8" in from the pavement edge. Were you riding close to that line or to the right of it? I ask because it is my experience that when drivers survey the road for traffic, they look at and see the centers of the traffic lanes. In other words, where the vehicles that could take them out would be coming from. Nothing on the far right is going to hurt them. Also eyes "see" speed, especially in the peripheral vision. You may well not have been going fast enough relative to them to register. <snip>
My near-death experience cane passing a left turning truck stopped at his stop sign. Truck pulled in behind me, started to pass then pulled into the gravel parking lot I was about to pass. Only reason I didn't go under the truck wheels is I had an angel sitting in the passenger seat who saw me and yelled. I didn't follow the rule of staying out in the car lane and nearly paid dearly. (Later that year, two local cyclists died in the same situations with trucks. They didn't have angels.)
It is my experience that drivers do not normally ride on the fog stripe and certainly not to the right of the fog stripe. Based on only that, that's where I ride. I really don't see how your singular near death incident informs a 'take the lane' paradigm. Drivers have a marked propensity to hit what is right in front of them. Especially when they are distracted. You should want to be where they are not! You really should. I'm just saying ... the VAST majority of cyclists ride FRAP out of pure instinct for survival. When it comes right down to it not all that many cyclists are killed or seriously injured compared to the number of cyclists on the road. I think if you study what data exists you will find it contradicts your experience. More cyclists are hit IN the vehicle lane than are hit out of it. I'm not counting those hit in intersections. That is another thread.

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