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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
Did you read the o.p. clarification of the incident? They posted it hours before this response from you. This is not the same kind of situation at all.Hon They did not even see the car. It was also on the other side of the road. Even if they had seen it, using a horn to send a warning to a vehicle on the other side of a real or implied centerline would be confusing at best. Honestly, if more of us just concentrated on what WE need to do vs what the texting, fornicating, murderous or otherways distracted drivers were doing we would be much better off. Sometimes simply slowing speed or stopping altogether is the best practice. Regardless of how well lit you are or how many decibels your horn can output if it comes down to a car vs bicycle collision the bicycle will come out the worse for wear. Do not fall into the TRAP of thinking "my horn did that". It did not. No ... I'll walk that back. It might have. Now what. Now you think your horn is magic. You think it will always protect you. That it is the right response to an impending collision. It is not. The scant microseconds you spend going for the horn might be better used getting your speed down to zero if possible, or to a speed that minimizes injury. It does no harm to think a horn is of limited usefulness because it will force a cyclist to think more defensively. That really cannot be a bad thing IMO.
I understand what you are saying. Rest assured, I do not assume drivers hear my horn, or will heed it if they do. But it's nice when they do. I would honk in the same situation while driving.

I've been bike commuting seriously for 27 years and do not assume anything will go in my favor. I constantly look for an out and make sure I can brake before trouble.

There are those who say "ride as if you are invisible." I say "ride like you ARE visible, and everybody out there is trying to kill you."
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