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Originally Posted by DnvrFox
. . .I picked up two goatheads . . . and picked up three, . . .I got two more, and limped back home.
Mebbe you need to get some of those weevils that prey on goathead seeds (the goatheads are the seeds). You could be the Johnny Goathead-seed of the Denver area.

Then, when you are done, you can come down here and Johnny-Goathead-seed-elize all the alleys and trails around here. . .

If yer really rambunctious you could get a group of trail riders together in the spring when all the goatheads sprout and pull them up from the trails and near the trails. The seedlings are pretty easy to see when they have a compound leaf or two. Or you can pull them up a little later in the season, but you will have to make sure you bring trash cans for all the vines with their seeds; bring heavy gloves too 'cus the little ba****ds sure hurt when you get them in your thumbs!

Originally Posted by DnvrFox
As I have had folks in the past claim that goatheads NEVER get in the sidewall of a tire, I snapped a
(blurry) pic with my cell phone camera.
Jeeze, that aint in the side wall; it's in the side of the tread!

Originally Posted by DnvrFox
I am now going to install a puncture tube in the other tire!
I suggest puncture tubes AND Mr. Tuffys. . .belt AND suspenders. I hate flats.

Originally Posted by DnvrFox
I guess it is the extreme dryness and continuous high winds that is causing
this! Sort of ruins a ride.

No, it's not the weather, it's the seeds. The route you took must be lined with more then a few goathead plants. Low growing and flat they can be easy to miss, especially if the areas along the paths are mowed to keep weeds down. Sometimes though in our area, seemingly vast areas are being covered with goathead plants due to the increase in mowing to keep dust down and weeds down when before the weeds were kept down with discing. Mowing does nothing to control the goatheads and it actually encouages their growth because the plants are allowed to grow in undisturbed soil.

Man, I feel for you. . .goatheads really suck... Just be thankful that they were in your tires and not your bare feet!
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