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Originally Posted by MAK View Post
Do you drive to a parking lot and then ride to work? If so, how far is the drive and then how far is the cycling portion?

If you could drive to a parking lot adjacent to a MUP, would you commute to work more often? If so, how far would you consider driving to get to the parking lot?

I'm looking for data (albeit not perfect) for a local presentation.

Thank you.
My typical commute is a 15 mile drive to a parking lot and a 15 mile ride to work. If the weather is bad, I can park on the street closer to work, making for a 10 mile ride. Occasionally I ride the entire 30 miles each way, or I leave my car at work, ride 30 miles home, and ride back in the morning. If the traffic is bad, sometimes I park on the street a couple miles farther away, making for a 17 mile one way commute. The area I usually park at is on a MUP. There are many car and bike routes to work, so the one I choose depends on many factors, but proximity to a MUP is very important.
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