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Yeah, I take metoprolol as needed for occasional spikes in BP and migraines. I don't have high BP, per se, but a neck injury damaged my atlas/C1 and C2. Occasionally pinched nerves and muscle spasms will provoke high BP and horrific headaches. So I take metoprolol on those occasions.

But, yeah, I notice I feel fatigued on those days and can't get my heart rate up enough to approach my usual maximum efforts. On those days I usually ride anyway, but keep my effort way down. I can still ride for hours as long as I stay within a sustainable range. I began wearing a Wahoo Tickr heart monitor a couple of months ago to keep track. It helps a little although I was already very familiar with my HR range and limits.

At age 61, my heart rate pretty much matches the formula that some folks claim is inaccurate: 220 minus age. For me, it's pretty close. My last maximum HR (maximum effort to the point of dizziness and nearly passing out) was 173, earlier this year. My usual peak HR on short sprints and hill climbs is around 160-164. My maximum sustainable HR is around 150 if I plan to ride longer than 30 minutes. That's pretty close to what the usual formula predicts.

Another wild card was Hashimoto's, an auto-immune disorder that affected my thyroid. After surgery last year to remove thyroid cancer (no metastasis) and getting my thyroid med balanced, my resting HR is finally down to normal. For years my resting HR was seldom lower than 80. Now it's usually 55-60.

But my BP and maximum HR are influenced by the neck injury. Not much I can do about that. I'm reluctant to risk surgery so I'm trying physical therapy, massage and a chiropractor.
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