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For those curious...this is the locale of the area seen from Maps: Satellite, North is up:

US77 on the far right is a major Lincoln bypass effectively, with lots of constantly flowing traffic north/south seldom turning on/off ..."Pioneers Blvd" (where the collision happened) is an arterial elsewhere--but out here within 1 mile on the edge of town becomes a minor street here in terms or importance. Folsom's only major source of traffic here is the YMCA field parking lot pictured, where there are kidde-league futbol games--and its major function is to get people to US77 to elsewhere.

A few other general notes for those wondering:

Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post

It appears to be a narrow road, with narrow shoulders.

However, if one is riding to the right, then there is usually room for a vehicle to safely pass despite oncoming traffic.

Not necessarily a comfortable pass, but not landing a cyclist in the hospital or morgue.

Yes... that pedal next to the accelerator is the brake pedal.. but too many drivers seem to forget it exists.

A) The County DOR does not believe in shoulders. Only center lines and fog lines, not even rumble bars. In the entire county there are probably only 5 maybe 6 roads in/out/around all of Lincoln that have any kind shoulders...and those are utter mad-houses of lead-footed traffic no cyclist will ever be on except before 6AM on a summers Saturday/Sunday morning. 7PM out in this area is very tame on a weeknight.

A1) as noted above, shallow wide ditch adjacent that any manly pickup truck the city-slicker owns can handle.

B) Traffic on these out-of-the-ways before/after rush hour is generally IME 1-3 cars a minute. During rush, lots of whackos will Indy500 leadfoot it to dodge traffic lights on US77 around these spots. Evenings, when the Optimists have organized futbol at the YMCA fields also gets a bit hectic with soccer-parents coming/going. They're very respectful of cyclists IMHO even when they slowdown their getting to onramping to US77.

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