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First step: Measuring the hub!

The most important dimensions are:

Sturmey Archer XL-RD5(w) wheel building measurements:
  • S = 2.8 mm ? Information online seems to suggest either 13G (2.3mm) or 14G (2.0mm)
  • d = 108 mm
  • A = 21.5 mm
  • WL = 30 mm
  • WR = 41 mm
  • B = 34 mm
  • OLD = 130mm
So with the Archetype, which has an ERD of 595mm this comes down to 275 mm spokes on the brake side and 276 on the drive side.
Let's sleep on it and measure again in the morning.

Disclaimer: With a hub this big it is difficult to measure the exact WL and WR distances. Measure your hubs properly yourself.

Missing parts:
These hubs pop up on our local eBay (Marktplaats) from time to time, usually in a 26 inch wheel, meaning they probably came out of a cargo bike.
There are lots of people in cities using the B a b b o e Bakfiets (image) and they used to come with the SA XL-RD5(w) hub.
Nowadays they switched over to a Shimano 7-speed but kept the 90mm drums up front. I can imagine quite a few people had the wheel rebuilt to make use of the wider gearing of newer hubs or switched over to electric hubs.

Anyway the hub came to me like this:

It is missing a few of the shifter parts, most notably:

  • #22: Any of the sprockets
  • #23: HSL721 Sprocket Circlip
  • #40: HSJ905 Fulcrum Lever w/Locating Washer
  • #41: HMN128 Axle Nut
  • #42: HSA650 Gear Selector Guide (Window
  • #43/#46: HMN420 Guide Nut-Short
  • #48-#52: Any of the shifters.
I'm leaning towards the gripshifter as I really like them in city traffic or the metal thumb shifter as they are more durable. I have read some issues about these causing mis-shifting though.

I'll probably double check the bike tomorrow to see if I haven't missed anything. Then it's time to order some parts!

Further reading:

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