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Around here... the 60's was the superlative decade. The Apocalypse Decade?

1962, Columbus Day Storm "The Big Blow" Picked up the edge of Typhoon Freda. One of the most memorable wind storms... (even happening before I was born).

1964, Christmas Flood, thehe biggest widespread flood Oregon has seen in the last 50 years, and probably the biggest for quite some time before that.

1969, the Big Snow. About 3 feet of snow which is unusual for the area, both before and after that.

1972, and either 71 or 73, we had about a week of sub-zero weather. Our pond froze to thick enough for us to sweep off the snow and ice skate on the pond. Rare for this area. At the time, I was young, and thought that it was just "normal", but we haven't had such a freeze since, although a few cold days here and there.
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