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According to your serial number the bike was made in December 2014. This does no harm, but some things have changed over the last years, so I would expect the bike to have been considerably cheaper than a current model. Main things that have changed are the stem and the handlebars on M- and H-Models and shifters, roller wheels and the rack on all models. Personally I like the new shifters and the newer version of the stem/handlebar combo is a bit stiffer due to the lower bars, offers a bit more room and the shifters are now below the bars and look better. Maybe desirable but in no way a deal breaker as long as the price is right.
Regarding the rack and the roller wheels: Along with the new rack new roller wheels were invented in 2015. What has also changed is the bolt size for the wheels on the rack. As you do not have a rack you can simply retrofit the current one (which includes the current wheels). No problem in that respect. Personally I favor the factory rack. I also favor the new rack and the new roller wheels over the older version, so the retrofit would for me be an advantage in comparison to an old factory fit. I just don't understand why you did not ask your dealer to do it for you (and to keep the rear mudguard of the original L-Version) - would have saved a small amount of dollars and been good (or in fact rather normal) service by the dealer.

BB recall is no big issue - maybe it has been already carried out. Brompton should know as the dealers have to write them the frame numbers of the bikes that got serviced. The new bottom bracked is by Thune, the older one by *** * - so it is easy to see if they have been changed. I cannot imagine a dealer selling a Brompton under recall w/o having changed the bottom bracket. This would be exceptionally bad service. You can however judge on the change from the outside: On the old *** bottom bracket the plastic nut that holds it in place has a classical *** form, looking a little bit like a flower (removal tool grips on the outside of the plastic), with the new bottom bracket the removal tool grips on the inner part of the nut which looks a little bit like a star.

If if has not been carried out yet it is no drama: Officially it has ended recently but the new bottom bracket costs just 15€ and the change takes less than 10 mins. Plus I would expect the dealer to do the change on his own cost if he is a legitimate Brompton dealer as he should have done the change on his own already a while ago.

* the auto-censorship in this forum is just ridiculous - *** is by no means dirty language but a traditional German brand that has existed since 1872. The paranoia in this forum hinders the forum on fulfiling it's purpose as it is not possible to talk about technical stuff correctly due to auto-censorship. This is the brand we are talking about:

Edit: I give up - useless forum: Brand name: censored. Wikipedia-Link: censored. Logo: Censored. Totally hilarious. You obviously cannot get the correct information through this forum - I suggest to complain with the moderation or to switch to a different forum where the admins know their job and value the content they claim to be the purpose of the forum...

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