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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
What is the point of writing an article like that if not to make the reader THINK about the LCF connection? OMG they're coming for my car! Could you read a lengthy article about healthy eating of natural foods complete with recipes and menu suggestions and not see the indictment of the Fast Food culture of Lower and Middle Class America? Only if explicitly stated by the author(s)? At which point they are labeled and ridiculed as crackpots by 95% of readers and the status quo continues on. I called it right, as usual, that article is wasted here. Since it does not explicity threaten your (over)use of automobiles for most of your transportation needs it is harmless entertainment.
No, I don't see any LCF link in the article so it doesn't belong there. It does belong in the Advocacy and Safety threads because it states the over-emphasis of the automobile pushes aside the use of public transit and bicycles as first choices for some people.
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