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Originally Posted by linberl View Post
In terms of resale, does the age of a bike affect value?
It does, but only to minimal amount. It is more of a generation thing: Mk2, Mk3, Mk4 until 2013, Mk4 after 2013 and in future possibly Mk4 after 2017. In first 2 years there is a more recognizable loss in value, from then on a minimal one that comes more or less to a halt after a couple of years. For most buyers a "used Brompton" seems to be equal to another one, no matter of age or featureset. Which leads to old and very old bikes often to be massively overpriced for waht they deliver in terms of features and maintainance status in comparison to newer bikes. But as basically any MK4 bike is a good choice and any post-2013 bike an even better one a brandnew bike of an older model year for a cheaper price is economically the best buy.

Originally Posted by linberl View Post
Just as cars depreciate with time, I would expect this 2014 bike to sell for less than a 2016. Seems to me the dealer should offer some sort of price-adjustment. If the price paid was appropriate for a 2016, now that the dealer knows it is a 2014, some correction seems due (either a price adjustment or some accessories or future service costs). The bike itself may not be any different but the resale will be, thus the value is diminished.
If one would be greedy one could look up in older price lists what the list price was back in 2014. Typically in most years the price for a new Bromptons rises by a small margin. So a greedy person could use the official 2014 price as the baseline and then take a depreviation from that. Personally I consider this technically correct but a not very helpful attitude in terms of relationship with the dealer. And as the OP was willing to pay the price for the bike and even after it turned out to be a 2014 model the price for a brand new bike is around what a used 2014 model w/o warranty but with signs of usage would cost - where's the problem? BTW: Due to the price increase of Bromptons I could easily sell my late 2008 Brompton for the price I paid for it brand new in early 2009. Would not work with my 2015 model that I bought in 2015 for minimally below list price. Would also work with my 2010 model that I bought brand new in 2017 at a reduced price.
The OP saved 20% off the list price and he lives in Australia. I've no idea of the Brompton market there. Here you often get 10% off during winter season for stock models. Sometimes more if relevant changes come up in the new model year. But only for a limited period and not with every dealer. And Australia is lacking winter as far as I know. So his 20% seem to be more or less ok for my taste and as far as I can judge. Here in Germany a used 2014 model would be cheaper than 20% off list but a new one would maybe not.

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