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What's your point? If you ask a Brompton dealer if you would need a new rear mudguard when you fit a rack to your L-Brompton he will obviously state "yes" and obviously say that the mudguard from the L-model does not work. Because the rack he sells is the rack made and offered by Brompton and for this this is true. You claim he did give you wrong advice, so he is basically a liar. Did you tell him that you wanted to use a rack of a different maker and did he insist on his opinion then? If not both is the case he is not a liar or incompentent but you tricked him (just as you tricked me with your first post in the thread that was lacking the pictures when I answered to it initially) or you did ask a question that was lacking context.

You could btw. just have asked him the other way round: I want to replace the existing rack on my Brompton (i.e. because it is broken or you currently do neither have mudguards or a rack). Do I need the mudguard from the L-Version? He would have stated "no" - and would have been wrong. What a liar! Because both of the racks that you are using are lacking the support for the mudguard that the original one offers. Which means you need a new mudguard. And even worse: You need a mudguard for a Brompton w/o a rack to be able to have mudguards on a Brompton with a rack. How confusing is that? And worse: The mudguard for the L-version is more expensive as you need the mudguard stays! Bummer.

So surprise: If you modify your bike beyond what is offered by the factory you are on your own and have to take responsibility yourself and to figure out what works and what not. You cannot make Brompton responsible for 3rd party modifications. Is that what you were complaining about?

So you've made it - you fitted a rack (rather two racks) using the mudguards from the L-version. Sensation. Is this an achievement? Maybe. Would I personally buy one of those racks BECAUSE I would not need a new rear mudguard? No way. To me the cost of the mudguard is not very relevant, the proven track record of the Brompton rack itself and it's combination with the Brompton is. So the relevant question is: Are these racks of equal quality and endurance? For the first one I'd assume issues - with the mudguard stays plus one could assume issues with heavier loads long term due to the rack stays and the way they unite before the rear axle. But this is speculation - time will tell and maybe heavy loads are not your intention. The upper part of the rack seems to be more or less a clone of Brompton's early rack version from the late 80ies, so this part will probably last.
For the second rack there are again noise issues with the stays to be expected. Plus due to the lack of a support stay in the middle and the whole construction of it stabilityvise it does not look very convincing to me. Looks more like a support for more convenient rolling than like an actual rack. If that's what you need and intend: fine. If not you take the risk of having to buy twice which is more hassle and more expensive than buying once properly.
But if the main purpose of the whole rack adventure was to proof that you are able to fit on a Brompton with L-mudguards you succeeded. Congarats.

Regarding the price of the mudguard: You called 50 British Pounds (which obviously sounds like a British price). Indeed I am from Germany but I am in the uk from time to time and tend to buy Brompton parts over there if need and opportunity have a fit. The naked L-mudguard w/o stays and the roller wheel costs 16,50€ in Germany list price and I assume a similar price for the R-version. So it is more expensive than in the uk but not a fortune.
The 695 Real that you are referring to is not for the mudguard but for the whole rack kit - the mudguard alone seems to cost 90 Real which cannot equal 50 British Pounds if - as you claim - 695 Real equal 149 British Pounds. So the cost for the rear mudguard seems to be rather 19,20 British Pounds than the 50 Pounds you claimed above they would cost....

Regarding Ali-Express: Obviously things are cheap there but sometimes they are expensive for what they deliver. If they are worth the money depends from the quality and in many cases on cannot judge on that beforehand. So the cheaper price comes at a risk. If you are willing to take it - fine.
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