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Originally Posted by drewguy View Post
Right. So the issue is that a VAT refund isn't possible in the OP's situation because of the VAT-refund rules (France isn't a country he could send the bike to).

So, Canyon has a rep who provided inaccurate information that is inconsistent with its stated policies/guidance on its website. So the question is whether Canyon should as a matter of goodwill credit back an amount equal to the paid VAT amount based on the rep's inaccurate statements or adhere to its stated policies. I don't think there's a legal claim here, given what the website says, but I'm not a German or French lawyer. I have no idea where OP's credit card is from and what rules apply.
What a mess.

Apparently the OP was aware of the notes on the web page, but had also talked to employees of the company (with an electronic paper trail). In particular with respect to a payment from India.

Talking to employees should trump the general notes on the web page, especially when there was further clarification such as the India/Germany credit card transaction.

In fact, one should be able to argue that this was a German/India transaction, and there was no business transaction in France, but rather simply an intermediate destination, much as if I shipped my bicycle that I own in the USA to France, rode it in France, then returned with it to the USA. Or, any interaction in France would be limited to the final setup & configuration of the bike.

@deepakvrao, was the bike shipped to a CANYON authorized bike shop in France, or was it shipped to an unattached 3rd party such as a hotel? Did any money exchange occur in France? Payments?
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