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Originally Posted by Kabuki12 View Post
No need to attack someone that is sharing a frustration that more than one of us has had to deal with on this forum. I too have been frustrated as others have expressed and choose to continue to use the forum instead of quitting . I do not fault someone for not wanting to tolerate the flaws of this forum. It is just where he is at. No need to insinuate that his posts are not worthy! Just sayin' Joe
Point taken, thank you. My intent was to tease him a bit, but I see how my comments could be construed otherwise. Even so, I don't think the problem is the forum software.

There is a lot of wisdom on the forum, and in a few places, conjecture and sketchy opinion. We all have to be discerning to sift the useful knowledge out of the mountains of verbiage.

For my part, if I'm posting something that has substance - meaning factual and worth keeping, I'll do the compose in Word maneuver to assure I have a copy saved to a folder on my computer.

That way, I don't spend 30 minutes on something only to have a power-blink or a software snag drop it into the internet version of a black hole. And, if I need that same content for editing and use in a later post, I have it.
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