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Originally Posted by 01 CAt Man Do View Post
....I have another week of vacation coming up in a couple weeks and yes, I actually am praying for some dry ( and not terribly hot ) weather. I did a google search for "reverse Indian Rain dance". To my surprise there is such a thing and not just by Indians. Who would of thought.
Dang it! I must of prayed too hard. No rain the entire week...however, after four lovely but somewhat warm days I ended up getting more than I wanted. By mid-week the temperature got so hot that is was too hot to ride even at night ( although I did try ). Anyway, five days of excessive heat can be quite annoying and actually worse than dealing with rain. Last night ( my final day off ) temps had dropped a bit and so decided to take a ride around midnight. That said I was tentative and so kept the ride short and close to home. After I got back I realized that I could of rode longer but decided not to go back outside.

I did realize something last night while I was riding. When it's extremely hot ( even at night ) I have to remind myself that I'm riding an ebike. I don't have to keep it in the eco mode ( which is what I usually do, even on the hills ). Nope last night I had an epiphany...."Not every ride has to be about getting a work out". If it's too hot, go ahead and use that "Normal mode" on that short or long moderate climb. With that in mind that is what I did last night. Sure did make the ride easier which of course kept me much cooler.

I also noticed something else while using the "Normal" ( mid-level assist )....when you drop back down to eco it will almost always feel like you have no assist going. I finally figured out "why that is so". The motorized assist is designed to sense cadence. In order to eliminate that feel of pedaling a tank you need to immediately drop down 2-3 gears after you drop back into eco mode. When you do this the motor senses your new pedaling cadence and then begins to assist again. You lose some speed while doing this but this is how it works with the Shimano Step system. This is also true when tackling a steep hill in normal mode. If you start slowing you need to down shift so the motor does more of the work or use a higher assist level. Takes getting use to but once you get used to it, it makes things so much easier.
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