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Originally Posted by tarsi View Post
Sorry about the cross-link but thought members here might be interested in my ad below. Ride on!

63cm Grail Bike for Trade?

Love the set up on these bikes. The right balance, the braze-ons, the feel lightly loaded is great fun. Because I do need the big frame but trek apparently didn't change the tubing specs for a big frame, I really hate the big frame for heavy touring. Please, don't get all up in my face. I obviously have never ridden the med or small frame. They may be the greatest ever made, it's just the 63cm 720 I know isn't for me. I love a straight gauge old Univega or Miyata even with no braze-ons loaded to the near gills. Whatever weight is saved by using thin tubing is great fun for light or credit card touring but used as a beast of burden with the ability to "roll," when conditions are available. (ie. tailwinds, long down hill or flats), not so much.
As time matches on I've grown into a slightly smaller frame. 'Dales are my favorite but I stumbled onto a Klein Performance in the perfect size and with a few modest changes in gearing it fills the bill.
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