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Originally Posted by kilimanjaro98 View Post
I am the original owner of a Ross Signature Triad which I still have, the 63 cm pink frame purchased directly from the Ross showroom in Commerce, CA in 1985. The stamped numbers on the bottom are 508 6316 84 107. I had it built up at a bike shop in Pasadena with Shimano Dura Ace bottom bracket, chain rings, and cranks; the remaining components are Shimano 105 I believe. I competed as an age group triathlete (international distance) for several years.
Since 1990 it has been used off and on for fitness riding. First generation Time clipless pedals were installed in the early 90s which have since been replaced by Speedplays. As my age got higher and my speed got slower, I could no longer do justice to the flashy hot pink paint and had the bike refurbished and painted burgundy in the mid-90s by Cycle Art in San Diego county; at that time a cracked bottom bracket was replaced.
At age 60, the 53/42 chain rings coupled with a 6 speed 13-24 became impractical for my knees, and I bought a carbon fiber Storck with more appropriate old man gearing. I am torn between keeping the beautiful Ross for flat rides or selling it to someone who would appreciate it for the classic it is. I am taking it to have it refurbished by Joe Bell in San Diego whose work is very respected.
You seem to be quite knowledgeable about this bike. Is there a market for it?
Welcome to the forums. Yes, I think there is a market for this bicycle but you will not recoup what you have and are investing, so you may want to consider keeping it. If it is OEM with the exception of the Dura-Ace parts, the remaining components should be Shimano New 600EX. It's probably best to sell with out the pedals, as not too many C&V are into clipless, especially Time or Speedplay. If you have a pair of old quill pedals you could install for test rides, that would be great. The large size will probably limit the market. Most cyclists don't consider Ross to be a member of the high end club and they aren't familiar with the models, so make sure you mention the Columbus SL tubing in the header/title of the sale advertisement. That should draw some attention. Condition is the biggest factor in value and that's hard to assess without pictures.
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