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Originally Posted by cs1 View Post
@DorkDisk not literally brazing a frame. I meant using an existing frame and equipping it the way you want to. Iím a big vintage MTB guy. I really love to repurpose older bikes. Just wondering if anyone had done something similar.
I've not ever done a frame-up _hybrid_ build per, but I do have what I think of as a hybrid bike that gets modded a lot. What you see below is a mashup of a Priority Continuum with parts from a heavily modded Priority Eight that I had once rebuilt as a fender-bike singlespeed using parts from a Haro Beasley. There's a long history of moding and swapping around of parts that I won't bore you with. What's there now though is a Priority Continuum modded singlespeed and running a singlespeed wheelset from an old Haro Beasley 650b mountain bike. Current tires are WTB Senderos making for a more mountain-bikey look. However, I have a set of WTB Ventures that I'll be swapping in to skew the bike back toward pavement riding. Handlebar, stem, and all the various color bits that you see are non-stock. Brakes would be non-stock too, except I haven't been in the mood to deal w/the internal cable routing and rebleeding. I've a nice-looking set of flat fenders that currently aren't mounted, but sometimes they are. There's a horn on the front, a custom name plate, and I guess that's pretty much it.

I love the simplicity of the bike, and it's my grab-and-go bike for fitness rides around town.

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