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I've had a 2001 Trek 7700 sitting in the garage for a little over a year. Right now it is only used to get to the gym and back. I guess you could sort of call it my beater bike. As far as reliability goes, it would appear to have a lot more miles left in it.

Here is another thread with a picture of it in it's current condition...
2001 Trek 7700 - Saved from the Trash

Back in the day it was advertised as Treks top of the line hybrid. But I'd like to re-purpose it to be a little more off-road / abuse capable. The thing that is holding me back is that I don't have a lot of spares sitting around and this thing is going to take a little cash in order to get it how I'd like it. The Rolf wheels were spec'd for 38mm tires. These are very thin wheels and my 32's seem to bulge on them. Besides, I don't think the spoke pattern is conducive to hitting fire roads etc. A new stem, bars, seatpost and shifters are not going to be a problem. What does suck is the Shimano Nexave drivetrain. Without going into detail, this has to go. The RockShox Metro SL shock is in good shape but low-end. I'm going to try and do a disassemble, clean and rebuild so we'll have to see how that goes. I have a set of 9speed brake/shift levers and I'd like to turn this into a capable triple front.

I'm just worried about this thing nickle and diming me to death. So right now I'm on a mission scouring C/L and obsolete part sales at online vendors to see what I can do.
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