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Originally Posted by KittyBikes View Post
Hello All,
When I was younger (teens) I was a slender woman and a good runner. Slow-ish but could go forever. In my adult life, lazy and overeating; gained weight and now I am diabetic. Tried to run again, but that was killing my body, so my Dad bought me a bike for my birthday. It's a hybrid bike. I'm 33 in case that matters.

My goal is to ride fairly long distances, doing around 20 miles 3X a week with a long ride on Sunday, the purpose being to burn off blood sugar. Of course I want to lose weight. Now don't laugh, but right now I can do about 6-8 miles and I do this 2-3 times a week, 8.8 miles/hour. I live in an area that is not flat, some rolling hills but no mountains.

I started this adventure in early June and I am still struggling. My muscles seem to die on hills; they give out and I can't push them anymore. I slow way down and lower my gears and go slow, and usually, I don't have to get off my bike but by the time I am done with 6-8 miles, I feel I have nothing more to give.

I limit my carbs as a condition of my diabetes, so most days I have eaten about 20 carbs before my bike ride. Is this too little? I am not making gains in speed or distance despite continuing to ride. I'm not being strategic about training because I don't know much, just trying to increase my rides in terms of duration and how often I ride. My other thought is that for a while I was only riding maybe 2 times a week because my muscles were so sore and tired!

I could really use any suggestions you have and thank you so much.
I tried going back to riding when I was very heavy and found it was murder. Hills especially were torture. I actually gave up, then lost a bunch of weight through diet and gym exercise. I came back to riding after the weight loss and it's been a lot of fun. Not saying that is what you should do, but you might want to consider making other fitness activity some part of your muscle building and calorie burning. The problem with biking as I see it is you really have to be very fit to get a lot of weight accelerated and/or up a hill so it tends to be very discouraging until you have worked up some fitness by another method. In my case, it was the elliptical machine, which really built up my legs very quickly while burning lots of calories.

Good luck, and feel free to tell anyone who laughs at you that I think they're a jerk.
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