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Welcome to Bike Forums!!!

Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?
Height & Weight...
Yes, getting personal quickly!!!

I wouldn't worry about speed too much, especially with hills. But, you can strive for slow improvement.

If you need data tracking, there are several FREE data tracking apps for your phone. I use two. Strava has limited real-time features for riding (other than route planning). But, it is good with "challenges" and online social. RideWithGPS has good real-time data (except for route planning is a paid feature). And, both apps work reasonably well simultaneously on the one phone.

One option is to park & ride. So, if there is a flat path that you like, then you can drive to the location, then ride. HOWEVER... hills are a good place to burn up an little extra energy and get some extra exercise.

Exercise alone isn't a magic pill, but it will help maintain strength when dieting. And, may help even out calories.

Diabetes (type 1 or 2) is a tough disease. Ideally you would strive for doing the same thing 7 days a week. Although perhaps you could learn the difference between meds for ride days and rest days.

For diabetes, one tends to do better with slow absorption long chain starchy foods than rapid absorption sugars. But, if you are taking insulin, be prepared with very rapid absorption for low sugar (gels, fruit juice, candy, etc).

However, talk to your physician and dietician about specific recommendations. Or, monitor how you feel and your blood sugar.

One risk with cycling is to get ravenously hungry and eat everything in sight (thus not helping a lot with weight loss). But, you can cycle and watch the diet.
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