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Bicyclists tends to be an argumentative bunch, but one area where they are surprisingly in agreement is when it comes to cadence - pedalling pace - pedal RPM.
It often feels odd to a rookie rider, but a general recommendation is to aim for a cadence of 80-100. That way itís more of a cardio load than a muscular load. Mind your cadence and your heart rate and you can go a long way.
There are bike computers that will measure your cadence, to help keep you in the right gear, or you can download a 168-180 bpm playlist and try to pedal in sync with that.
So, donít feel shy to drop a gear If thatís what you need to do. Donít feel shy to ask about changes to your bike to get lower gears. Itís your life and your ride. Nothing wrong in doing what it takes to make it work for you.
Spin your way up hills, donít grunt it out.
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