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I am like you a type 2 diabetic. I weigh 255 lbs when I started. I started riding my beach cruiser to work in April. First I would ride to work one way then catch the transit home. My commute is about 12 miles one way, moderate hills. I started riding every other day. Next month, I started riding both directions three times a week. My commute started at 70-80 minutes one way. On my third month, I got my commute times down to 60 minutes to work and 70 minutes coming home. My personal bests are 50 min to work and 108 minutes coming home. I have decided to purchase an ebike.

By bicycling to/from work, I have lost about 15 lbs and my long term insulin dose has been reduced by about 50%, while my short term insulin dose has been reduced by 80%. I haven't been on a bicycle for 20 years. My goal is to lose 100 lbs by next summer. I have been working with my endochronologist and a nutritionist to lower my carb intake, eat healthier, and lose weight. I have had diabetes since 2003 and was in denial for a long time. Diabetes diagnosis was a wake up call for me, the diagnosis is a wake up call, you can live but requires a big adjustment. I even got depressed about it at times. Diabetes is a reminder of mortality and at 33 years old I wasn't ready to stop living. Sometimes you feel like the your friends and society as a whole doesn't understand that you can't be flippant about eating healthy, it's not an option its required. They're a lot of challenges trying to live on a spartan diet. It can get depressing when good intention people want you to celebrate with them.

This month, I have decided to bicycle commute 4 times a week. I notice when I bicycle to work I am able to reduce my short term insulin dose to 0-6 units. When I started, My A1c was 8.4, by riding my last A1c is 6.1. I know that cycling/diet makes a difference. I am 53 years old and used to swim a lot to stay in shape for surfing.. You don't have to kill yourself on the distance start small and incrementally increase. Success builds more riding. I also listen to music on a bluetooth speaker when I'm commuting, it's relaxing and motivating.

My ebike is a 2017 Raleigh Retroglide ie. I commute to work on it. My times on level 2 assist, is consistently 50 mins both ways. Going home it's a slight incline and against wind. If I'm in a rush, I use Level 3 assist (out of 4) and I am able to cut my time by about 5 mins with an increase in speed of about 2-4 MPH. I like the ebike because it helps to keep me on the bicycle on days when I am not necessarily 100%, also faster recovery times. This week, I am tuning up the ebike and have gone back to regular bicycling I use more gears on my regular bicycle which is an Electra Townie 21d. I am considering purchasing a hub drive ebike to compare the two styles of ebikes. Riding an ebike is like Pee Wee Herman's movie where he's cruising in front of the racers at a leisurely pace.

I am trying to become a four season commuter. This winter will be a first on a bicycle, but I also ride a motor scooter. I don't own a car and have integrated bicycling as a lifestyle choice as opposed to a fitness goal. Also since gear can get expensive, I started treasure hunting at thriftstores and bicycle coops to get good cycling gear. What took me so long I don't know, but I am out doing it now. I encourage you to start small and progress as you move along. Success breeds more riding. I hope that you find my post inspirational and know that you can do whatever you want to. Good luck to you. This forum has been very encouraging to me.

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