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Another test in the rain

After finishing a week of covering a graveyard shift I was more than a little tired today. Turned out to be a nice day for a ride too but I was just too tired to try to get a day ride in. After about 10:00pm I decided I was woke enough to try to get a nice ride in. Not more than a quarter mile from my home I saw some flashes in the sky which gave me pause. ( was rain in the area? ) After I started seeing some more flashes I stopped to check the weather app on my phone. Sho-nuff, a small line of storms was headed my way. I could of decided to go back home but judging from the app I figured if I kept it down to a short 5er,6er I might make it back before it started to rain.

It was such a nice night for a ride it was hard to limit the ride. Nevertheless when I came to the spot where I had to choose, I decided it would be best to cut the ride short. ( the sound of thunder in the distance will do that to ya. )
Now if I had kept it to a five or six miler I would of made it back but no, I was doing what would turn out to be a short 8 miler. About 3 miles from my home I started to see the first drops. I could of put on all the rain gear I had with me at that moment but since it was just a light drizzle I stopped and slipped on the micro-fiber rain shorts and left the rain jacket in the rack box.

With less than two miles to go the thunder got louder and the rain began to come down harder. I decided it was time to put on the rain jacket. Word to the wise, never zipper the jacket when storing it inside something on your bike. Took me much longer than necessary to put that jacket on because of the zipper and the Velcro fasteners. No sooner had I got the jacket on it really started to pour. I sure am glad the Trek Conduit comes with a kickstand because that made a big difference when I had to make a sudden garment change. The rain gear seemed to do it's thing but I noticed that my upper legs were still getting a little wet even though I had the rain shorts on before it really started to pour. I suppose some of that was because even if you have rain shorts on, some water still gets blown up and under the looser shorts. Because of that about 8" of my riding shorts had got a little wet. No water in the crotch area or on my butt so I suppose they did a half decent job. My REI rain jacket performed like a champ ( with hood under the helmet ) my upper body was bone dry. Now my shoes of course got soaked. Really wished I had checked the weather before I left or I would of put my rain booties on. I don't usually bring those with me but only because they are so hard to put on unless you have a chair to set on. Going forward I think I'll start bringing those because sometimes I do pass places that have something I can sit on. Without the booties my feet got soaked within minutes. Not to mention my hands got soaked as well. I really need some lightweight waterproof gloves. Might have to check out the local REI and see if they have something affordable that also fit.

The bike itself held up real good and no issues with the e-assist. Thank God for that! Turned out I only had to ride maybe five minutes in the downpour but it seemed like 15 minutes. Didn't bring the goggles I bought on Amazon but it really didn't matter because the hood on my jacket has a nice brim that help keep most of the rain off my glasses ( and I was riding quite fast too ).
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