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livedarklions - I think murder is a really good way to describe it lol. For me, it's still less tedious than exercising indoors, which I truly hate! I would rather be out in negative temps with the wind eating my face off than rolling on a treadmill or indoor bike. Once I get myself in slightly better shape (not sore after rides) I want to start doing weight training again, however, and see if I can strengthen my legs.

BirdsBikesBinocs- It makes sense to set small goals and push yourself toward them. I feel I kind of do this by focusing on getting up these hills without stopping, shifting my body weight forward and pushing on my legs as much as I can. Of course, I don't want to overdo it and hurt myself, either.

spinnaker - This is good encouragement. I can't believe how bad the hills are sometimes - it's like I am biking in place! Horrible! I think to a certain degree I didn't realize how out of shape I was, either, and I expected cycling to be much easier than running, which, it simply is not. My doc is totally on board with biking, but I will speak with my diabetes educator lady about nutrition or maybe even ask for a referral to the dietician for some tips.

CliffordK - Thank you so much! I am a Type 2 diabetic, developed it when I was 27. I am significantly overweight, 5ft 4 and 200 lb. I did find a nearby cycling route that is a little flatter than what I was doing before which was a huge hill, not that steep but good lord was it long! I do take insulin, my body is getting more responsive to it which is always very tricky; what was the right amount of insulin two weeks ago is now giving me lows. Diabetes is a REAL pain in the ass and I wish I wouldn't have ignored it for so long! I do have to be careful about not pigging out after riding, but a nice protein heavy snack like nuts/cheese, things like that, helps curb hunger without killing me calories-wise. Good advice about the starchy long lasting carbs, maybe I'll try a small serving of steel cut oats or something.
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