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guachi- I am overweight and I feel like my body to leg ratio is fairly small, too - my legs are short and skinny. I'm basically a ball on sticks. My bike is a Specialized hybrid Vita. It's a few years old, I am not sure if its 2016 or 2017. There are 3 gears on my left and 8 on my right; I think I may be making a mistake in always leaving my left hand gear on 3 and never lowing it. I figured it will make my legs stronger, but maybe I am just burning myself up! I do have a heart rate monitor but not a cadence meter; the whole idea of cadence is new to me and really fascinating.

Vintage Schwinn- As I mentioned above, I don't lose my low gears much at all, I always leave the gear on my left set to 3 and usually never lower the right hand gears under 3, either. I can't say why, exactly, I thought I would make me stronger, but maybe it's just making things really tough! I live in Michigan so it's not horribly hot, most days around 80 degrees and 70-80% humidity. Some cooler mornings, but then you get more humidity, which makes me feel it's harder to breathe.

ironwood- I did see that area of the forum and I debating whether to post there because I do fit that category and it makes sense that it takes more power to bring a heavier body up hills. There's a lot of people who have posted over time in that forum who are sort of saying the same thing I am - holy crap, this is brutal! It's definitely not the bike rides I remember when I was like 10 years old and I would just glide up hills.

Viich - Yes, I should carry sugar because I take insulin, and when you're exercising and its hot, your body can absorb insulin fast! My doc does know about my exercise and has recommended more exercise, yes. My heart rate is getting really high on the hills, probably more like 170, but I am going to work on lowering my gears and seeing how that works to mellow things out!

bruce19- Thanks, it is really difficult but I love being outside so, so much more than trying to exercise in the gym. I am really thankful I discovered that! I am thinking of getting a fat bike to ride all winter, because in Michigan our off season is long...I don't want to be inside for 3-4 months.

dabac - Wooo that's some fast riding! I can definitely identify that as something that is going wrong in my routine - I am absolutely slowwwly grinding out up the hills and leaving my gears pretty high. I am very interested in trying to adjust cadence and see how that helps.

alloo - It's all about lowering that insulin dose man!!! Reducing by 80% is HUGE and has got to go a long way to reducing insulin resistance! I need to lose about 50 lbs. and you are giving me some hope that it can happen! I was diagnosed at 27 and even though I was overweight, that really shocked me and I kind of ignored it for awhile...I didn't want to change my habits of going out so much and I have a lot of past eating disorder/binge eating disorder issues that have majorly complicated my path with diabetes. I have gastroparesis and that can make healthy eating hard as well, so I really need exercise. My A1c was 9 last time, so I am really hoping this will make a difference.

BobbyG- Go, go and don't stop, right?! I am also learning I REALLY need to lower my gears lol.

Brocephus- My bike is pretty new, but yes I need to get some gear in general; I don't have bike shorts, or bike shoes, or even gloves. And I need a pump and sounds like some lubricant for the chain.

CycleryNorth- I wish I liked exercise indoor but man I find it really...boring. I do have an indoor bike, though, so I could give it a go on that once or twice a week. It's got werid handles that move, but that helps you push the pedals too lol

xroadcharlie- I've got to look into this cadence idea more, as people keep mentioning. and walking the bike, I have done this a little but only out of dire necessity, so maybe I need to expand that. I don't really understand the chains and rings and sprockets- I've never been mechanically inclined, but I can try to read about this or watch a video.

philbob57- I will take a look at my seat. I am able to reach the ground on tippy toes from my seat; I will also look into cadence and maybe get a counter- I assume I can just count, it's not like I am mentally busy doing anything else really! I am using MapMyRide on my phone to measure distance and speed. My heart rate is really high at times, like 170 and generally 150. So I think I need to go a little slower, lower my gears, and just generally cool it.

Thank you all SO much for the advice and encouragement. I understand biking so much better already and I have many things to go learn about to be able to improve my performance.
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