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Something you need to understand

Some cyclist need to understand where some of us come from and why the attitude we have. I for instance worked as a service rep on office machines. I was on call 24/7/365. It was always hurry, now, immediately, fast, and it has to be done this way. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed the job, but now I am retired.

Now the words fast, and rules and kits and cadence mean absolutely nothing to me, and probably many others. We just ride for the fun of it on the bike or trike of our choice. I went to recumbents in 2005, and now ride a trike. It is a totally relaxing way to ride. The view is great, and no clipping in and out at every stop. Sometimes I like to ride slower thru the older parts of town and look at the beautiful old homes that were built from 1890 to about 1930. My trike is perfect for that, and I ride about 25 miles every other day. BTW I wave at most cyclist on the bike path, and hand out bicycle maps to anyone that seems to need them. My trunk pack is a mini bike shop, and I always stop to help anyone that has a problem. I really enjoy my relaxed style of cycling.

This small rant is meant for the very few that think speed, cadence, and the kit, are the holy grail of cycling.
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