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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
You take a lot of things I've said and re-weave them to mean something different than the reason they were said when I said them.

The bottom line is this: If government is investing money in building train lines, or even bus systems, where everyone is getting paid enough to afford car payments and driving expenses such as insurance; then the funding of alternative transportation is effectively subsidizing the automotive industry and culture.

That's just the reality; and it's the reason that when alternative transportation such as trains and bus systems fail or are inadequate, people can continue to afford to go on driving.

If all those projects weren't funded at all, and if road and highway infrastructure were funded at a minimum level, then many more people simply wouldn't have the incomes necessary to afford cars and driving and the US wouldn't be able to give up on mass transit,i.e. because people would have to pool their resources instead of being able to buy one car per person or even per household.
I was looking for the " like" button on this post,, lol. Yes cars are subsidized heavily by the government. If you remove all the tax dollars that ho towards keeping the car culture going. It would make driving cars as transit simply economically impossible. The side effect for cyclist would be amazing if it all went to public transit . Can you imagine cycling with no cars ?? Road up keep would be probably next to nothing, heck they could do gravel roads and groom once a year. You could just run a mountain bike or a endurance bike .😁
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