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Originally Posted by dahoneezz View Post
Is this a day trip? Reason I asked is that I don't see rack or bags. Also, how does this bike compare to your previous Tyrell IVE? Is the IVE slower?
Yes, its a day trip.
This was more of a test out of the bike on how it would ride with other riders on road bikes.
In that context, I'm sorta happy enough with the bike in that I was in the front of the pack taking my turns for pulling, whereas with even my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Super Pro, I'd not be able to hit those top end speeds to hang in when the pack surged or pull as much.
I could do with a lighter feel on the amount of leg work needed to pedal the 42mm tires though, so I'm ordering some 28mm's to see if these change this aspect of the ride quality.

A rear rack is on its way.
I have a short 2 day trip to neighbouring Bintan (Riau Islands, Indonesia) over this week.
For that, I have a Carradice Bagman rack which mounts on the saddle rails and a Carradice Pendel bag (about 7 liters).

I'll do a write up on that (and some picts ) when thats done.

On this bike vs the IVE.
Totally different beasts.
The IVE is very compact after fold and easier to handle after folding.
The ChangeBike is much larger a bike and very wide after folding.
In that sense, if folding is often needed, then the IVE is already the better choice.
If the fold is only for transportation to/back from destination and the rest of it needs a faster/better ride, then its the ChangeBike (also better for gravel for sure).
Speed as a factor is no comparison.
The ChangeBike got the faster top end gearing of 127 gear inches and I often cruise at 91 GI.
The IVE only goes up to 87 gear inches
Also add in some efficiency/rolling losses of small wheels vs larger wheels and the ChangeBike is certainly the faster bike.
(at the trade-off of size)

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